Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Nature of Investing

When we think of investing, we usually first draw out attention to money, in the form of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, futures, and others. What we forget to see is that investing occurs in every aspect of our lives everyday.

Waking up earlier, keeping fit, and building strong networks of friends are all forms of investment as well. It is important to realize that you must first learnt to invest in yourself before being to actually invest in others.

So when you take that little bit of time out of your day to write a blog, read a book, do some homework, you are essentially investing your most precious commodity, time, and thus gaining some sort of benefit from it in the future.

If you work hard.. Supposedly you will get a great job at some office where they will pay you a lot of money to provide services to the company, and maybe some of the women in your office will end up looking like her.

The upside of investing is that once you can view it in a broader sense beyond money, and focusing more on more 'abstract' forms of investing, you realize that every drop of time can be utilized to bring you success from every part of your life.


  1. this is one of the few posts i can actually relate to irl...thank you

  2. yes I realize unfortunately... Next posts will have good pictures, probably more finance related, but maybe a hot chick will pop in there. Everyone is more motivated to `learn`when theres hot chicks involved

  3. Doesn't explain why jerks always seem to make more money than you though.

    Good post though.

  4. Good info. People really do only think about monetary investments and forget about what else they could be doing to invest in other ways.

  5. Very nice info, it's made me think a bit.

  6. @ R-Whited

    Well thats what your reality may be, I live in a place with a lot of rich jerks, but also a lot of nice rich people. Being decent and investing properly can be achieved, but you have to look beyond wealth for yourself, and also consider the well being of those around you.

    Being charitable is essential to investing, people in need are investments in a sense. Some might say its taking advantage of them, but setting all things aside, when it comes down to it, those who help the needy are not seen as too greedy.

    If that makes any sense at all, jerks with money are produced through carelessness, sometimes on parents part, or maybe they're just hustlin coke and crack and making their dough through illicit means. Who knows, everyone walks there own path and invests in their own ways. Gotta find your own and trudge down like theres no tomorrow.