Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sex Sells, and The Future

Hey everyone, haven't gotten the chance to update this blog due to the busyness of school, and usually this blog takes the most thinking for me, so i'm sorry to say that i've neglected it a bit.  Make sure to check out my other blogs if you haven't already, i'm going to try and spend some more time on my blogs and getting the website up and running in the near future.

Now, tonight, i'm going to make up for it by writing an interesting post on my personal views on how the concept of "sex sells," is going to change in the next few decades.  This is of course, a very broad topic, but one that I am sure you are all interested in.  If life is a game, then the winners are the ones who "have sex" and have kids, and whatever else that makes you happy.

S E X   S E L L S ,  A N D   T H E   F U T U R E 

Victoria's Secret Angels
Sex In Advertising

It's no secret, sex sells, and companies have been exploiting this fact for over a century now.  Since the late 1800's, companies began to realize that they could throw in sexually provocative messages in their products and it would start selling even more.

Whether it be beer, fast food, cars, electronics, Japanese anime, you name it, sex sells, always has, always will.  Sure you don't NEED sex to sell your product, you can find another gimmick or utilize a different strategy to generate your sales, but there is  no doubt that it is one of the most effective strategies being used over and over again in most societies.

The Ironies of Sex in Advertising

It may be slightly ironic to imagine the advertising campaigns a few decades ago, that featured a nurse smoking a pack of Camels.  It is even more ironic that a product specifically designed for women would become even more popular with men, revolutionizing a whole new niche in product advertising.  Smoking has been attributed with a lot of terrible, cancerous diseases and maladies but somehow, with the help of sex, millions of people around the world became addicted to this small cylindrical product.

Sex In Advertising Today

Today, sex is used to sell beer, books, bongs, Benz's, and any product from any letter of the alphabet that you choose to name, not just "b's."  Imagine the standard beer commerical, which focuses 10% on the "beer" aspect, and 90% on the extremely beautiful women in skimpy clothing running around with a bunch of average Joes.  Sex sells because it is what we want to see, and is more likely to leave a lasting impression in our brains than just simply showing the product as it is.  No one would buy your brand of beer if you simply advertised the product as it is, since beer is boring, unless there are "sexy people" around to enjoy it with you.

Currently, it does not seem like the trend is slowing down, and instead, only getting bigger. (no pun intended)  The internet porn industry has grown rapidly since the speed of the internet only keeps increasing while the quality of videos is a lot higher.  Likewise, we are witnessing a revolution in the way we feel about our media, with internet marketing growing faster than ever imagined.

The Future of Sex in Advertising, and the Media

This is the start of a trend that will continue to lead us into the future.  It is likely that we will be seeing 3D ads on our computers and television screens, giving companies more chances to interact on a more personal level with each consumer.  There will also probably be whole new products and services offered to cater to the endless sexual desires of the human mind, whether it be in robots, virtual reality, or many more.

What is considered radical and unlikely now, which encompasses much of what we actually have today, is likely to transcend into the future.  There is no doubt in my mind that these companies are going to continue to use sexually suggestive material to sell stuff to our kids and so on.

Even in the media, SEX controls everything, seriously, JONAS BROTHERS, JUSTIN BIEBER

JAILBAIT? I'm not the only one that sees this am I?  Are Disney and Mickey Mouse trying to sell sex to OUR kids?  Probably, the South park episode on it is pretty funny too!

LG phones for little girls, with really hot models advertising the phones in some sort of slutty pose.  Sure, why not, give them the idols they want, and let them fantasize about what they will grow up to be like.  Hey, its been working for decades, why not ride the gravy train even further.

The Point of this Post

So whats the point of this whole post?  Well its pretty simple, if you want results, add some sort of sexual innuendo in your products or campaign and see a spike in results if you apply the rules properly.

What are the rules?  Well it ties in with the Principles of Power that I talk about in my other blog.  Basically, you can't be too offensive, and learn where to draw the line between what is "acceptable" to society.  If you overstep your bounds, you might be found rude and abrasive, which would then jeopardize and tarnish your reputation.  

You have to create a smokescreen, not do it deliberately, but kind of slip it in here and there without drawing too much attention to it.  The subconscious probably sees and processes a lot of this information without actually realizing that it has already created a profound effect on you and whoever else may have watched it.


  1. awesome article! i love the new layout!

  2. sex sells, what else is there to say?

  3. the last pic with the girl is so pedo :)))

  4. Wow, that was brain overload! You're right on the money though!

  5. sex sells is one of the oldest and better tricks of the advertising industry

  6. nice point of view. sex does sell.

  7. its true, if a hot girl is endorsing a product, sadly i'm more likely to buy it

  8. I'd have to agree that sex does sell. Miley Cyrus is damn hot for someone that's just barely legal.

  9. You're right about Hannah Montana and Disney... have to watch the South Park episode about it.

  10. sex sells
    but you can't buy sex
    :)at least not legally