Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Warren Buffett: How to Read Stocks

Hey everyone, here are some Warren Buffett videos that I found to be fairly interesting to watch.  There are a tremendous amount of videos on YouTube, and I believe that even though there is information overload, if you are focused and direct in your learning, you can basically do anything nowadays.

The difficult part is managing your priorities, getting organized, and following through.  I share these videos because I have read many of Buffett's annual reports, watched his interviews, and also read his biography, and am always impressed by his investing style and constant success.

I hope you find these videos interesting, i'll be updating this blog more so after my midterms are done!


  1. I love Warren Buffet. He is really smart, and knows his economics.

  2. Well now I can finally get to investing some extra cash in the stocks. All those numbers now make some kind of sense to me :P

  3. great list, and warren is always fun to watch heh

  4. 2 words

    rich man

    he knows whats good

  5. I'm not really into stocks but nice info

  6. Nice find, interesting guy to say the least